Looking for Writing Courses You Can Take Now?

Searching for good writing courses?

Searching for good writing courses?

Lots of folks think that to be a published writer, you have to have gone to college, you need to have majored in literature, and it would really help if you had at least an MFA—that the only writing courses that count are the ones provided by major universities.

But that’s not even close to reality.  Writers come from everywhere—from every walk of life, in every age and every race, every gender and preference, and we hold every philosophy and religion on the planet.  Our experiences are in being human—and there is no variety of being human excluded from the ranks of writers.  And not one who has no story to tell.

If you want to write wonderful stories and sell them, you can take your first steps today. Right now.  You don’t have to put your life on hold for years, shell out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a university degree, or follow an approved course of study to create approved works of art.

You have a voice.  You have a passion.  You have a story inside you that you want to tell—and you can do this.

Writing Courses Now

My name is Holly Lisle. I have more than a million books in print, have published more than thirty novels with major publishers, and I never went to college.  I have an associate degree in nursing from what was, when I attended, a technical school (Richmond Technical Institute in Rockingham, NC).

I worked for ten years as an RN—and it was while I was working as a nurse that I sold my first four novels.  Fantasy novels—the first of which won me the Compton Crook Award for Best First Novel.

So when I tell you that you can be anyone and still be a published writer, I speak from experience.

I don’t know what your story is… but I know that if you want to learn to write professionally, I can teach you what I know.

I offer writing courses for everyone from absolute beginners to published pros—writing courses that will show you how create great plots, invent wonderful characters, write page-turning scenes, develop languages and cultures, work your way through writer’s block or motivation struggles, and even work from no idea to completed, revised novel…with a career plan in hand to keep you writing for the rest of your life.

My writing courses focus on what works. I didn’t learn theory, and I don’t teach theory.  Instead, I got my butt kicked by more than a hundred rejection slips over seven years while I learned how to tell stories editors wanted to pay for and readers wanted to read.

I learned the hard way, through persistence and a constant search for better ways to write.  And I walk you step by step through learning and using the skills I learned—so that you don’t have to spend seven years making countless mistakes before you get your first ‘yes.’

Writing Courses That Conform to YOUR Needs

My students come from every continent on the planet (except Antarctica…and I keep hoping I’ll get someone who’s there one of these days).  They tell stories in every conceivable genre.  Write every imaginable style.  Do so in English, and countless other languages.

They’re learning to write their stories from my writing courses because I build these courses around principles of sound storytelling—of finding your way to the heart of what matters in the story you want to tell.  And I build them from my own experience—what worked for me, and what didn’t work—so you won’t have to make all the same mistakes I made.

When I teach you how to write professionally and think like a pro writer, you’ll learn how to tell stories that reflect the core of your values, your hopes and dreams, your fears and desires.  You’re going to learn to tell the stories that matter to you, in the genres you love, to reach the readers who share your passions and values.

Writing is about you, and what you want to create, what you want to say, what legacy you want to build…what you want to leave behind to say, “This was my world, the way I saw, the way I thought—these were my people, my passions, my dreams.  This is what mattered to me.”

You Have A Dream

You want to write fiction, to reach readers, to say something wonderful.

You can do this.

No matter who you are, if you want to write and you’re willing to work for it, you can make your dream real.

I did—and I did it over and over again.  I’m still doing it today—writing books and stories, reaching readers.

But helping other writers reach their dreams matters to me.

I know your dream—your writing dream.  I know how it drives you, how it wakes you up at night with ideas, with characters, with images, with fragments of something that you hunger to put on the page.  I know the longing, because I’ve lived it.

I know how hard I fought just to get started. I know the mockery and condescension  I took from people I loved and trusted, who told me I was wasting my time trying to be a writer.  I know the pain of seven years of not getting anything but rejection slips (more than a hundred in a shoebox without a single yes).

I know how easy it would have been to give up.  And I know how grateful I am every day of my life that I didn’t.

Your Dream Is Possible.  Doable.  Within Your Reach.

As much as making my dream happen was one of the biggest thrills of my life, hearing from my students that they’ve gotten agents, sold books, been published in magazines, won contests, or simply had breakthroughs that helped them finish a story for the very first time, lets me experience the same thrill again.

I want you to succeed. I cannot guarantee that you will—how much you’re willing to put into any course will reflect what you get out of it.

But I know you CAN succeed—and I’m in your corner, cheering you on, believing in you.  No matter who tells you you’re wasting your time, no matter who says you can never be a writer, no matter who tells you that real people with ordinary jobs never publish books, I know they’re wrong.

People from everywhere, of ALL ages and all levels of experience, with all sorts of educations, become writers.

  • Stephen King—school teacher.
  • Tom Clancy—insurance salesman.
  • Christopher Paolini—high school student.
  • Me–registered nurse.

What about you?  You can get from where you are right now to where you want to be.  If you want, I’ll show you how.

Write with joy,

Holly Lisle





Holly Lisle

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