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The Help Desk is CLOSED.

While you can create tickets now, I will not see them until Tuesday, October 6th, when I return.

Please only create one ticket, and don't add anything to that ticket unless you've forgotten essential information. I answer tickets in the order you create them, so adding to your ticket moves you back in the line.

I delete multiple tickets to avoid making errors on folks' accounts.

Holly Lisle


If you are missing courses, copy and paste receipts into your ticket.

Include your current PayPal email address and any you used in the past.


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Holly Lisle's Help Desk operates from Monday through Friday. In most cases, I take weekends off. I do my best to handle tickets within 24-48 hours, though if you create a ticket on Friday, I won't get to it until Monday.

I take tickets in the order received. Creating multiple tickets will not get you a quicker response. If you have additional information, you can add it to your existing ticket, which will NOT alter your place in line.