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You don't know whether a writer's teaching style will work for you until you've actually used it...and succeeded.

So I'm not asking you to take my word that I can help you reach your writing goals. I'm happy to prove it to you on my dime.

I've created a stand-alone, no-cost, no-obligation, 7-week plot outlining course that will teach you one skill critical to any writer who aspires to write for a living.

You can be in class downloading your course book and first lesson in about two minutes.

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Have You Heard These Before?

  • Writing talent is something you're born with...
  • You can only write if you're inspired...
  • All writers suffer writer's block...
  • Writing a novel takes years of blood and sweat and anguish...
  • You have to do dozens of revisions before you finish a book, or...
  • You have to know someone in the industry to sell anything...

Every statement listed above is false.

If you want to write,
you can.

You can write good fiction,
and enjoy the writing process from start to finish.

NWS Curriculum and Classes

I've designed the Novel-Writing School Career Curriculum for fiction writers who intend to build writing careers. The full curriculum includes comprehensive novel-writing from idea-generation to completion, comprehensive one-pass revision, and series writing. You can take only the parts you need, or follow the recommended course order.

Novel-Writing School Core Classes give students foundational writing skills like plotting and characterizaton, as well as teaching you how to overcome common problems like lack of motivation or writer's block. You'll begin seeing improvment in your work within hours. Classes are short, and available whenever you're ready to begin.

Explore the Career Curriculum
Explore the Career Curriculum

If you haven't taken any of my courses yet, start with the Free Plot Outline Course. In seven weeks, you'll learn how to build a working professional plot outline for a novel or short story, and you find out whether my style of teaching works for you---all with no risk or expense.

Write with joy,

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