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If you need help with a class, book, or product, make sure you have:

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How do I write BETTER fiction?
I get variations on this question VERY frequently. Along with How do write better fiction?, I get: How do I make people WANT to read what I've written? How do I get clo
Where are the free worksheets?
If you don't already have a free student account, please create one here: https://hollyswritingclasses.com/free/join.html Then copy receipts for any of my classes you have purchased from Amazon, B&...
What kind of FREE writing help do you offer?
Here's a list of the free writing help I offer: All articles in each section are linked in the right-side menu. Free writing articles and workshops:
Free eReaders for use with my books and courses
You can get free software from Adobe to let you read the ePub. http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/   You can get free Nook softw
Who will answer my question?
  Here's who will answer your questions: Most of the time, my daughter Rebecca will be helping you. Rebecca G: Writer, Site Owner's Daughter
When I try to edit my account, I get -- error message "invalid ID (0)"
This is a software issue related to the latest MemberMouse update Create a support ticket, let me know that you're experiencing the 
Can't log in AFTER Holly changed my password
You have to accept cookies to navigate the HTTS Writers' Boot Camp site. Here's WHY. The only way the site knows you're a member and which courses belong to use is b
I'm missing my Confirmation Email for HollysWritingClasses.com
I've just discovered an enormous stack of new accounts still marked as UnConfirmed. Investigating them, I've discovered that they come from four email providers.  
Site Upgrade Troubleshooting List
START BY TRYING TO LOGIN: https://howtothinksideways.com/login/ (link opens in new window) First, get a temporary password:
How Do I Get My New Purchase?
Whether you purchased a class, a forum, or fiction, here's how to get your purchase. When you purchased, you created a user account. (Or were signed in because you already have one.) Either way, the...
How To I Find My MISSING Purchases?
If you purchased classes from any of my old sites (Shop.HollyLisle.com, NovelWritingSchool.com, HowToReviseYourNovel.com, or the pre-upgrade HowToThinkSideways.com) you still own them and you can stil...
My PayPal Payment FAILED
If you have received a first notice that your payment failed in PayPal, here's what will happen next: PayPal will attempt to rebill twice more, at  72-hour intervals.  What usually causes t...
File Downloads are corrupt or broken
This is a browser issue.    If you have this problem, change to a different browser (Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Camino...whatever you weren't using before) and try your download again.  ...
You said to clear my browser cache, and I don't know how...
Here's an excellent tutorial: http://www.bnl.gov/itd/webapps/browsercache.asp    -- Holly
How to I become an HTTS Boot Camp affiliate?
The affiliate program is currently closed. We are building new software and our own proprietary program to make sure that all affiliates get credit for and receive payment for earned commissions. NO O...
Why can I only purchase one course at a time from the shop?
When I purchased my new classroom software, I had specific things I wanted it to allow me to offer. All my courses include free site membership, which gives the purchaser: Lifetime re-download acc...

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