My PayPal Payment FAILED

If you have received a first notice that your payment failed in PayPal, here's what will happen next:

PayPal will attempt to rebill twice more, at  72-hour intervals.  What usually causes this is adding a new card to the PayPal account, changing account information, adding or subtracting a bank, changing your address... long list.  

Usually it'll be okay on the next pass. You can, however, call PayPal from the contact number on the PayPal site and see if there's anything you need to do fo fix the problem on your end.

If payment goes through on either attempt, the connection between the classroom software and PayPal will click in and you'll automagically be able to log back into the classroom, your next lesson will be waiting, and you'll just pick up where you left off.

If payment still won't go through after the third attempt for whatever reason, PayPal will automatically cancel the account, but even then, I've now had plenty of practice in setting folks up with a new sub.  

I'll put you back into class right where you left off.  Same price, same payment plan, same number of remaining payments. So either way, don't worry.  If you want to stay in the course, I'll make sure you can.

-- Holly

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