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Gather your information

If you need help with a class, book, or product, make sure you have:

  • Your current email address, PayPal email address if different and any old emails you’ve used on my sites that you remember

  • Your receipt(s) (if applicable)

  • A concise description of the problem you’re having

  • Link to the page where you had the problem (if applicable)

  • Screenshot of the problem (if applicable)

Create your ticket

Creating your ticket is simple:

  • Enter your email address carefully: The single biggest reason help desk users don’t receive a reply from us is they mis-type their email address. PLEASE double-check your email address before submitting your ticket.

  • Type your message, including links, screenshots, and receipts as applicable.

  • Save your Ticket ID (partial ID shown below)

Ticket Follow-Up

We’ll reply to your ticket via email using the address you provided when we start work on your ticket. 

Please watch your email, and follow the link in it to add any further information.

You can view your existing ticket at any time using the link below on the right. You’ll need your Ticket ID to do this.

We answer tickets Monday through Friday, in the order in which we receive them. Please only create one ticket.

Holiday Season Notice

The Help Desk will be closed:

  • Thursday, Nov. 28 - Sunday, Dec. 1st for Thanksgiving

  • Tuesday, Dec. 24 - Wednesday, Dec. 25th for Christmas

  • Tuesday, Dec. 31 - Wednesday, Jan. 1st 2020 for New Years

Please Do Not Reply to Tickets Via EMAIL

Because we received so much spam, we NO LONGER RECEIVE EMAILED REPLIES. Use the link in your ticket to reply in person in the Help Desk.

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How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn't Suck:

Complete three week writing class with PDF lessons / worksheets, discussion boards, lifetime membership, and the objective of having the student complete five flash fiction stories (or 2500 words of fiction) to package into a salable ebook anthology.



Writing Tips Newsletter:



The rest of my help, from free to expensive, is here:


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