Site Upgrade Troubleshooting List

START BY TRYING TO LOGIN: (link opens in new window)

  1. First, get a temporary password:

    WHY? Because your old password was secure, meaning not even we could access it. So your password DID NOT GO into the new software.

  2. In the temporary password field, try every username and email address you have ever had (including PayPal addresses).

    WHY? Because the database process to EVERY email address you've ever used on ANY of my sites and created a new account with it. We cleaned up as many as we could find, but odds are enormous that you have more than one account, and that your purchases are ATTACHED to more than one account.

  3. If the email that seems to work for you is one you no longer have, create a support ticket here:

    WHY? Because I can go into your account and FIX your email address for you. Then you can log in and correct your username and anything else that may have gone wrong.

  4. If no email works for you, create a support ticket here, too. Some accounts are not reachable by the new login, but sometimes I can retrieve classes, forum posts, or a favorite username from them.


  • Check to see that you have all your classes. If you don't, create a support ticket here.

    WHY? So I can put them into your classroom for you. Get out your receipts for your missing classes and paste them into your ticket.

-- Holly