How Do I Get My New Purchase?

Whether you purchased a class, a forum, or fiction, here's how to get your purchase.

When you purchased, you created a user account. (Or were signed in because you already have one.)

Either way, the process is the same:

Go here:

Type in your username and password, click enter, and you'll be in the Classroom Hub.

Find the name of the class or product you purchased under the CLASSES and FICTION columns, and click the link for your product.

You'll go to the introduction page for your class or ebook, and find your download pages for the course and worksheets (and forum links, if applicable) in the column on your right.

You have lifetime downloads, which means if your computer ever eats your hard drive, you can come back and replace anything you purchased.

-- Holly

(This article applies to NEW purchases from the BLUE Shop. If you need to find OLD purchases missing from your new classroom, see How Do I Find MISSING Purchases?)