How To I Find My MISSING Purchases?

If you purchased classes from any of my old sites (,,, or the pre-upgrade you still own them and you can still get them.

First, gather up your receipts so you know what you have (most folks discover they have a couple courses they forgot about).

Login: (link opens in new window)

In the Classroom Hub, click the link for each class you should own. Click your browser BACK button for any course that gives you an error page.

Create a new ticket here: (link opens in new window)

Let me know the names of each class you're missing, and paste the receipt or receipts for that class in your ticket, and I'll add them to your classroom for you.

-- Holly 

If you can't find a NEW purchase, read How Do I Get My New Purchase?

If you had an old account and can't get into the new classroom, read Site Upgrade Troubleshooting List.