Why can I only purchase one course at a time from the shop?

When I purchased my new classroom software, I had specific things I wanted it to allow me to offer.

All my courses include free site membership, which gives the purchaser:

  • Lifetime re-download access of anything purchased,
  • Lifetime in-version upgrade download access,
  • Lifetime worksheet downloads, including download upgrades
  • Lifetime access to all free writing forums
  • Lifetime access to any included or purchased course-specific forums
  • Lifetime access to any members-only extras, like the Free Flash Fiction course, General Membership writing videos, members-only early-bird class sign-up notices and occasional members-only course discounts, and so on.

Currently the software that allows me to offer all of these things has to set up access for each course and all of its individual pages, downloads, and forums separately, which means that courses can only be purchased separately.

If the software developers create a multi-purchase option with their software, I'll add it.

For now, it's simply not possible.

-- Holly

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2014-01-08 16:03:37

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