Can't log in AFTER Holly changed my password

You have to accept cookies to navigate the HTTS Writers' Boot Camp site.

Here's WHY.

The only way the site knows you're a member and which courses belong to use is by connecting with cookies to each page you're allowed to access.

The following instructions are for Internet Explorer. I'll happily post instructions for any other browser folks care to test and write out. (Submit your instructions for other browsers in a ticket.)


You can select sites that are allowed to leave cookies behind while blocking all the others. Just follow these directions to allow a specific site in Internet Explorer. 

Open the tools in Internet Explorer. Make sure to move the pop-up box to be able to read the web address which is

Go to the Privacy tab and under "Settings" Click the "Sites" button. This is on the top half of the window it IS NOT the "clear sites" button. 

Another pop-up window will appear. In the box under "Address of website" enter the exact address as shown above and click the "allow" button.

This should allow the log in to work without any problems.


Thanks to MT for the IE instructions.

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