The Forum USER CONTROL PANEL. Private messages, pips, and more.

The new forums contain a USER CONTROL PANEL (abbreviated UCP).

To reach it, follow temporary login instructions here:

Once you are on the forums, find the User Menu in the right column on computers, and at the bottom of the page on mobile devices:

The User Control Panel

If you have a message waiting for you in the forum user control panel, you'll see in the left corner of the UCP front page, just under the words Front Page. (Highlighted in the image below.) Clicking this link will take you to all your unread messages.

You can view all posts you have ever made in the forum by clicking the link directly to its right.

Underneath of that, you'll find six tabs leading to separate pages in the UCP:

Overview | Profile | Board preferences | Private messages | Usergroups | Friends & Foes

Please take your time to look through each of these pages: This is where you decide whether you want to always receive notices from the forums when your post has been answered, whether you want to receive private messages (PMs) from other students, where you set up your signature and add pips, where you create your profile and add your avatar, and much more.

If you check the FAQ, shown in the USER MENU above, two links beneath the User Control Panel, you will find complete and very helpful instructions on all aspects of using the forum. If you have questions about the forum, please check those BEFORE creating a HELP DESK TICKET.


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