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To Document Ownership Of MISSING Classes Prior To The Move:

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I'm missing my Confirmation Email for HollysWritingClasses.com

I've just discovered an enormous stack of new accounts still marked as UnConfirmed.

Investigating them, I've discovered that they come from four email providers.


  • YAHOO.com
  • HOTMAIL.com
  • AOL.com
  • GMAIL.com


There were a couple of strays in there from unusual domains, but the big four above are the major culprits.

If your missing confirmation email has to go through Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL, realize that a lot of folks have signed up from those addresses, a lot of confirmation emails will have gone to those addresses, and because they're free services, they can (and do) simply delete anything they've decided looks like spam.


You are unlikely to EVER get a confirmation email to any of those three.


With GMAIL, it's a different story. Your email will get there, but it will be hidden in a folder called PROMOTIONS.

Go into that folder, find your confirmation link, follow GMAIL's instructions for moving email you actually want to receive into your main folder, and confirm your link.


For the other three services (and small, offbeat services that may be "helping" you by deleting mail they don't like), all I can suggest is use GMAIL.


The other alternative is paid email. I get mine along with my domain at Tigertech. If you have a domain, you get to tell it what email you want to receive.



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